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Excel Formula converted to Caspio



Hello all, I have a current Excel Spreadsheet and new to Caspio I am creating a formula in my data sheet, however the existing Excel one I copy over is not functioning. Let me explain here:

The current Excel Formula is: =ROUND(((DAYS360(J7;$P$2))/360);1) where J7 is a date of birth, $P$2 is the current date (today) and the answer should read the person's age example 59,2.

How would I convert this to Caspio?

Regards, Mark (Johannesburg, South Africa)

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If it's inside the Table, you can't do it since you can't put dynamic content inside an Database Tables for many reasons.

If you just want it displayed, you can use Calculated Field in a Reports DataPage. This will not be stored in the table.



If you want it stored in the table, you can use an Application Task that runs everyday to recalculate the age



Ref: https://howto.caspio.com/tasks/

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