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Find out which users haven't submitted any surveys



I have an Employee_Table that my employees use to log in to my apps and all of that. These users are broken up into groups - Com - Lead, CS - Lead, Res - Lead are the first 3, and Com - Installer, CS - Installer, Res - Installer are the other 3. 

I have a Employee Survey table and web form that my Lead's are using to submit performance surveys on the Installers. 

I am trying to create a report or a list that shows which of the Leads (Com - Lead, CS - Lead, Res - Lead) have NOT submitted a survey yet for any Installers. So, if they are in one of the Lead groups, and their ID number isn't in the Survey table, I would like their name to be added to the report/list. 

I am not too sure how to go about making this work. Any help is appreciated!

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I think task would do the work for this. If I got it correctly, the only conditions are to check if the user is under any of the three lead groups and if they have submitted their answers for the survey. 

You can do something like this for the task:

This is assuming that it is only a one-time thing. If this is going to be recurring then you might need to tweak this to have another field to base on( like a date field or something else).

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