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Using a Web Form to Add Multiple Entries



Hey everyone,

I'm running a raffle for my soccer team, and I need to keep track of ticket sales.

My data table is very simple:

  • Ticket_No (prefixed autonumber)
  • First_Name
  • Last_Name
  • Player_Name (drop down)

I would like the players to be able to input their ticket sales into the database using a web form.

I would like for them to have the option to input 'number of tickets' and then when they hit submit, it would add a new row into the database for the number entered into that field. So if they enter '3' it would enter 3 rows into the database, each with the same First Name, Last Name & Player Name, but each with a unique Ticket No. I would then like to be able to have the post-submission pop-up to display the ticket numbers. e.g. "The ticket number for [@field:First_Name] [@field:Last_Name] is: [@field:Ticket_No]." (Even if it has to repeat that line each time for each entry, that would be fine.

I figured this would be a pretty simple thing to create, but I'm having a lot of issues trying to find any solution, so I'm hoping someone here will be able to help!

I thought about switching strategies and using list enter/edit, but I was worried about people accidentally inputting over the top of each other, plus I'm assuming it isn't live, so if multiple people enter at the same time, it wouldn't work.

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Hello @MeralomaFC,

I have one idea and it requires using only Caspio standard features. Maybe someone can share another idea.

I don`t think that we can display the Prefixed Autonumber(Ticket_No ) in the popup right after clicking the Submit button since this is an auto-generated value. It appears in the table only after submitting the new record.

So, you may try these steps:

1) Add the Number_Of_Tickets field to your table (data type is Integer)


2) Create a second table with the same design, just change the DataType for the Ticket_No field to Text(255)


3) In the first table you may create a Triggered Action(if this option is included in your plan). 



The Trigger works on data insert and inserts the number of records that is equal to the Number_Of_Tickets into the second table.

For example:


And these are the records that are inserted by the Trigger into the second table:



4) To display this data to the user we need 2 DataPages:

* For example, Details DataPage that is based on the second table, on the 'Search and Report Wizard - Search Type' you need to select the 'Filter data based on your pre-defined criteria' option and receive the Ticket_No value as an External parameter. Since this is Prefixed Autonumber you need to add manually the 'InsertRecord' before the field name:


* Submission Form that you mentioned based on the first table. On the 'Web Form Wizard - Select Fields' you need to check this checkbox to pass the Ticket_No value as a parameter:


This article regarding the Passing Parameters can be helpful https://howto.caspio.com/parameters/passing-parameters/

And on the 'Web Form Wizard - Destination and Messaging' you need to select the second DataPage as the destination



As a result, once the Submission form is submitted, the user is redirected to the Details DataPage where all the records are displayed. 

It can be a Tabular Report DataPage instead of the Details, for example:


Hope this helps.

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What a phenomenal response, thank you so much for taking the time to provide all that detail. I'll let you know how I get on.

EDIT: Can't use Triggers on a free account, and since my project is only going to last 3-4 weeks, I can't justify getting a paid account (and the free account won't be active for long enough). Thanks for your help, though.

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