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Multiple parameters




I was wondering about the almost constant use of "Parameters" instead of single "Parameter". see extract from Caspio documentation below

I did read in documentation "Web Forms have one Configure Fields screen and Search and Report DataPages have three configuring field screens. “

Another example is this use of both singular and plural Select a default value or parameter from this dropdown and enter a parameter name to receive parameters.

This is my question:   

Is there a documentation page that addresses How to passing multiple parameters? 


should I not read anything into the use of the plural word "parameters"?

Thanks for any clarification on this question.


copy from documentation:



Passing Parameters through Caspio

You can use parameters to pass data from one DataPage to another. There are two methods to accomplish this transfer. You can either pass parameters using the internal Caspio session, or use a query string.

This article shows how you can pass parameters internally through Caspio. This method has the advantage that the parameter data is not visible in the address bar of your end user’s browser. To learn about how your DataPages can receive parameters, refer to the Receiving Parameters article.



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Hi @BobHike

If passing parameters through Caspio, it makes no difference are you passing one or multiple parameters, you just need to use proper names.

If passing parameters through query string, there is an example of using multiple parameters:

Basically, parameters here are separated with '&' sign.

About configure screens, Search and Report DataPages has three - one for configuring the search fields, one for configuring report fields, and one more if you are using Details page.

I hope this clears things a bit.

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