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Virtual Fields and Calculations



Can anyone confirm if it is or is not possible to perform a calculation on a virtual field?  For example, I have a Number Field that is set to Calculate based on a virtual field.  The Number Field equals [@cbparamvirtual3]/100

When I check verify, it accepts the calculation.  However, when I try to submit the form via the datapage, it throws an error that invalid data exists in a field.  If I remove the /100, it works fine.

Any thoughts here?

Thank you in advance

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Alternatively if you want to know the type of what you enter, you can use javascript.


Paste this in the footer (add header / footer if you don't have one) and make sure you disable the HTML editor in the advanced TAB but replace X with the number of your virtual field

When you then enter a value and click TAB for example it will popup and tell you the Type of this value



document.getElementById("cbParamVirtualx").onchange = function() {getType("cbParamVirtualx")};

function getType(field){
alert(typeof field);



Good luck

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