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I have scripts which allow me to collect and post the users GPs co-ordinates (with their permission) which they click on a button which I am working on a single record selected from a report page. I wouold like to be able to update multiple records with these same GPS co-ordinates via the Bulk-Edit facility. We already get a timestamp when they click the button and use a var to post text such as "Bulk-booking" into a specific field (ArrOnStandloc) so the following all works Ok within the button script. 

var v_TJdriver = "Bulk booking";

var TJdriver = "ArrOnStandloc";

var inputNameTJdriver = "BulkEdit"+ TJdriver;

var checkboxNameTJdriver = "Enable"+ inputNameTJdriver + "Ckb";

document.getElementsByName(checkboxNameTJdriver )[0].checked=true;

document.getElementById(inputNameTJdriver).value = v_TJdriver;

butit returns nothing  when i try to make the var v_TJdriver refer to the results of navigator.geolocation using


if (navigator.geolocation) {


    } else {

        alert ("Geolocation is not supported by this browser.");



function showPosition(position)


v_lat = position.coords.latitude;

v_long = position.coords.longitude;

var v_TJdriver = v_lat + " / " + v_long



Not sure if it's a limitation on using Bulk-Edit process or if I need to have an alternative scipt to collect the Lat and Long data in useable form.

Any help or pointers would be appreciated.




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