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Would a DP rule to hide a field also remove its default value for radio button selection?



See if I can explain this well.  I have a DP with some basic radio buttons (custom values of Yes or No).  They are set to default "No" when the form is launched.  So if not changed to Yes I should see a No in the table.





But in the table, I am seeing a few instances where the field shows as a blank entry (#1 below).   Most are populated with an answer (No or Yes).  But I noticed the ones left blank (despite being set for default = No) all have a shared "Y" in an adjacent field (#2 below).  And I noticed that on the DP there is a rule stating if that column #2 is checked (Y) then hide "section 5" which is the column with the missing answers ("IV_treatment").  It seems like the Y response to "Not_stroke"  is actually hiding the value for IV_Treament and preventing it from being recorded.  Is that normal?  Does "Hide" mean not just hide that form "section", but also hide its default value from being recorded?




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Hello @roattw


As I know, when you hide a field on a form's conditional rules, it will ignore the value that is set on that field and will mark as blank by the system. 

For your setup, what I can suggest for you to use is a (Yes/No) field instead of text(255) so when he rules hide it, the value will still be saved as (No/N/unchecked).

I hope this helps :) 

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