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How to get multiple entries in a DataPage into a single column on a table?



I am trying to set up a music database whereby  numerous users will enter lists of music tracks and performers  (possibly 40+ entries per user at a time) but I need the tracks to all be entered into one column ("Tracks")  and the performers in a second column ("Artists") in the data table.

My problem is that having created the "Tracks" and "Artists" columns I can only get one of each as DataPage elements. In an ideal world I would like to create 30 or 40 of the same elements so that the contributors can supply their full list in only one submission. I thought I had cracked it by using Virtual Fields (which I could rename) but then realised that Virtual Fields are only used to transfer data onto other DataPages, not into the main table.

I can't believe that this is  the first time that someone has needed a "multi-entry" facility, so am I missing something or does someone with more Caspio knowledge than me have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the prompt response Telly.

I had seen Triggered Actions but didn't realise this could help as I cannot access it using my free account.

I am working on  someone's hobby / not-for-profit project, so paying $300 per month to upgrade is totally out of the question.  I guess I will have to abandon Caspio on this occasion and keep looking for another solution.

Many thanks again

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