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Column Chart Datapage with Multiple Number Fields - Columns not aligning with labels?



I rarely use chart datapages, and I am struggling building one. Hoping for some insight.

The chart will receive an ID parameter on load. This will select a single field from our Job Table.

I need to include 12 number fields from this Job table record and compare them using columns. These Number fields are labeled JAN-DEC, but they are not Date/Time fields. They are for entering in an estimated amount of hours needed.

The columns aren't aligning with the legend/labels on the bottom of the chart, so it is hard to tell which is which.


*Edit: using third part chart libraries are much easier to use imo. 




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Hello @kpcollier,

Actually, Caspio uses the Highcharts library to render Chart DataPages, so you may want to check the Highcharts documentation https://api.highcharts.com/highcharts/ 

My understanding regarding the labels is that in your example these are not labels, but legend. You may test this by unchecking the "Display legend" checkbox.

For example, to decrease the space between the legend items you may add this code to the Footer:

document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', chartUpdateHandler)

function chartUpdateHandler(event) {

 var cleaner = function (interv) {

 let interv = setInterval(() => {

  var chart = Highcharts.charts[0];
  if (!chart) return;
             legend: {         
               itemDistance: 0


 }, 200);


This is not an ideal solution, however, you may test whether this helps to align the names of months.

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