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Set CSS inside Text Area that has HTML editor



It does not seem possible to change the font inside a Text Area that uses the cke editor.

Is that right?

Setting .cke-editable in the Style CSS has no effect, I presume because the editor is in an iFrame. 

Any way to change the font in there? Maybe using JavaScript?


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Hi John!

Here is a soluition that might work.

document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', _=> {

let interval = window.setInterval(  _=> { // using interval function, because right after data page is loaded, iframe is not available yet
if(document.querySelector("iframe") == null) { // if you have more than 1 iframe, you would need to use more specific selector
else {
let iframeDocument = document.querySelector("iframe").contentDocument;
iframeDocument.querySelector('body').style  = 'font-size: 3rem; color: blue;' // just configure selector and style to your needs


}, 300)



Let me know if it solves your issue

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You can add next line of code inside else:

iframeDocument.querySelector('head').insertAdjacentHTML('beforeend', `<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open Sans">`)

But then, you would need to explicitly say which element(s) on the page should use this font, by defining 'font-familiy' CSS property, e.g.:

iframeDocument.querySelector('body').style  = 'font-family: "Open Sans"; font-size: 3rem; color: blue;'


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