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Customize Rich Text Edit menu on Text 64000 fields




Does anyone know how to remove/edit specific buttons from the edit menu on Rich Text fields? The 'Simple' doesn't have enough of the functions I need, only the 'Advanced' option does but it has a lot of extraneous edit options I don't need and that confuse the user. I need to be able to clean up the edit menu (see screenshot). Any help would be great-- 


Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 2.57.38 PM.png

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Hi @DesiLogi,


You can hide them using CSS.


Edit your DataPage, go to the Configure Fields screen, add a Header and Footer. Select the Header, disable the HTML editor on the Advanced tab, and paste the following:



#cke_11, #cke_12, #cke_46, #cke_50, #cke_55, #cke_39, #cke_40, #cke_41, #cke_42, #cke_28, #cke_33, #cke_34{




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Hi Futurist,

Thanks for the tip--I tried that but there was no change in the edit buttons. Is there something else to add? Perhaps I'm missing something-- 


I fiddled with the id numbers and got it to remove most of the buttons I wanted to, except I couldn't figure out how to keep the font name and size while removing the rest of the 4th line.  This is what worked: 


That said, the text64000 fields below (after) this field still have all of their rich text edit menu buttons so I imagine each iteration of the rich text edit menus have their own id numbers for the buttons, so you'd have to make a new css line for the second rich text edit menu with its own set up id numbers. 

The only thing left that would be great is being able to combine lines of edit buttons, after removing many of them. You'll still have 4 lines of buttons, just shorter, if you remove some of them but not all (in the code above I removed the entire 3rd and 4th line). It would be great to be able to  make a concise, neat custom menu for this field and be able to select it instead of Simple, Standard,Advanced. 

This really does help, though, in terms of cleaning up a mess of an edit menu. Thanks very much Futurist, for posting this solution. 

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found solution
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