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Tabular Report Grid Edit Problems - Inline Insert



Is anyone else having some problems with Grid Edit on a tabular report? I've been getting some weird functionality lately, and I don't think it is expected behavior. Caspio says otherwise.

1.) When going to Grid Edit, only the checkbox fields are shown as interactive in the Inline Insert row. None of the other fields look like they are interactive, such as no text boxes and no dropdown arrows.

2.) I have a normal Yes/No field in my table included as one of the Inline Insert fields. Half the time, when you click on the checkbox in the Inline Insert row, it tries to submit the record right away. The other half of times, it pops up a 2nd Inline Insert row. 

3.) As said above, when you click on the checkbox field, another Inline Insert row is added (you can see another checkbox field pop up beneath the one just clicked). However, if you click any of the other Inline Insert fields, a 2nd row does NOT pop up. Seems to only happen with Yes/No Checkbox fields.

4.) The Inline Insert row is half of the height of the other rows. If you do actually intend to enter information into the Inline Insert rows, it is hard to read the selected value because it is cut in half height-wise.

5.) When you click on the checkbox or another field (lets say a user hit it by accident), you cannot get out of trying to insert that record. Even if you set all of the insert fields back to blank and uncheck the checkbox, you still get an error because it is trying to submit the record and the required field is blank. So, if anywhere on that row is clicked on, the user HAS to submit the record or refresh the entire page.

6.) The inline insert fields don't have any kind of ID attached to them, and they are just given a general 'Data' class.

I'm almost certain this wasn't happening before. I am also included in Site 10, which has been the target of some big service disruptions and emergency maintenance in the past couple weeks. 



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