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Record authentication field upon delete




I tried to make a history log , the workflow is I have a main table, then if a user inserted, updated or deleted a record upon it, it will copy the values to a back up table along with the user id of the one who made the action.

I've been smooth sailing until I there was a sudden iceberg.

I have a trigger that activates upon insert, update and delete which is what i used to transfer the records to the back up table. The problem is, when I delete something, the trigger was unable to detect the user id of the user who made the action. It just directly transfer the record to the backup table. therefore, the user id of the transferred record is the user id of the last user who updated the record. not the one who deleted the record.

any ideas?

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I assume that your users will delete records via a Datapage and you are passing an authentication value on one of your fields to know who initiated the action. This is expected since you are deleting a record from a table. As a workaround I would suggest adding a yes/no field on your main table that when checked that record would be deleted. This way you can configure a trigger for updates that when that specific field is checked it delete the record on the main table and add that to your history table.

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