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Issue allowing speakers to view their own seminars



My goal: Create a datapage that allows speakers to view only the seminars they are speaking for.

Relevant data:
Seminars table fields: SPEAKER_1_ID, SPEAKER_2_ID
Speakers table fields: SPEAKER_ID, CONTACT_ID
Contact table fields (This table is used for authentication): CONTACT_ID

What I thought would work:
I created a view joining the tables.
The view displays all seminars and their related information.
I created a datapage using the view as a source. Without anything limiting the records displayed, the datapage displays all seminars like it should.

I tried limiting the records displayed by user authentication: linking contacts.CONTACT_ID to speakers.CONTACT_ID.
I expected the datapage to then only display the seminars whose SPEAKER_1_ID or SPEAKER_2_ID matched the speakers.SPEAKER_ID that was connected to the contacts.CONTACT_ID for the logged in user, but no records display when I do this.

I am not seeing why this isn't working. If you need more information, let me know. I only wrote what I thought was relavent so far. I figure I'm missing something simple, but hit a dead end trying to figure out what it was, so any ideas are appreciated.

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