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Hide/Show Update button when certain condition is met

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I have an Update page where I want to disallow users from updating the form when the CurrentProcess != 00 or 05

I have the following script placed in the footer, it works when there is only one condition [("[@field:CurrentProcess]" != "00")] but does not work when I include [|| ("[@field:CurrentProcess]" != "05")]. 

Is there anything wrong with the script?


document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function (event) {
  if (("[@field:CurrentProcess]" != "00") || ("[@field:CurrentProcess]" != "05")) {
    document.getElementsByName("Mod0EditRecord").forEach(function(elem) {
      elem.style.display= 'none';



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Hi @beryllium,

A standard way of achieving this without using JavaScript is below:

  • Add a Header/Footer to your page.
  • Enter following code to hide the existing Update button:


              .cbUpdateButton {
                    display: none !important;


  • Add a new section and in it add an HTML Block.
  • Enter following code to add a custom Update button:

               <div id="update" align="center">
                         <input type="submit" class="cbSubmitButton" value="Update" />



  • Now add a Rule. It should look like below:



                Replace "Value" with your field name.

                I hope this helps.





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