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Display Current Week Date Range for particular date




We have a date field, and would like to show in Calculated Field from which date to which date this week is. For example, if the date is in 1st week of February 2022, we want to show '01.02.2022 - 06.02.2022'.
Another example:
date: '8 March 2022', calculated value: '07.03.2022 - 13.03.2022'

Is this possible?

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Hi Thead,

Yes that is possible. First you will need to use the function "DATEPART(dw, [@field:DateField])" which will return integer from 1 to 7, based on which day of the week it is. 1 is Monday, 7 is Sunday.

When you have this value, you can use it in a formula in the next way, "[@calcfield:1]" will be the result of "DATEPART(dw, [@field:DateField])":

Calculate Monday in a given week: "DATEADD(day, -[@calcfield:1]+1, [@field:DateField])"
Calculate Sunday in a given week: "DATEADD(day, 7-[@calcfield:1], [@field:DateField])"

Altogether, without using additional fields, everything can be summed up in one Calculated Field with formula:

'Week from' + space(1) +
CONVERT(VARCHAR, (Dateadd(day, -Datepart(dw, [@field:DateField])+1, [@field:DateField])),101)
+ space(1) +
'to' + space(1) +
CONVERT(VARCHAR, (Dateadd(day, 7-Datepart(dw, [@field:DateField]), [@field:DateField])),101)


Hope this helps.

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Hi - If you would like to show the week number of the year like now (It is currently week 39 in 2023) - this can be done by using calculations.

To use it in Calculated Value, you can use this formula:


If you would like to display it in the HTML Block (Details Page), you may use a Calculated Field with this formula:

Datepart(week,SysDateTime()) - 1

Hope it helps!

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