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Stacking Bar Chart: show the total value

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To achieve this, you may add the following code to the DataPage Footer section. 

Please do not forget to disable the HTML editor on the Advanced tab before pasting.

document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', chartUpdateHandler); 
function chartUpdateHandler(event) {  
 const cleaner = function (interv) { 
 const interv = setInterval(() => { 
  if(!Highcharts) return; 
  const chart = Highcharts.charts.find(chart => chart !== undefined); 
 yAxis: { 
            stackLabels: { 
                enabled: true, 
                formatter: function() { 
                    return Highcharts.numberFormat(this.total, 1, ',', '.'); 
 }, 200); 

Hope this helps.


P. S. Please note that this code should work correctly in case you have 1 Chart DataPage deployed on the web-page.

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Hello @Abdulhafeez,

I updated the code once again. Please test it. 

It looks like the issue can be related to the slow Internet. As I can see, sometimes the request for the new data for the chart works out later than the Chart is rendered. 
I am checking for the options to fix this and will update this thread as soon as I find a solution.


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This is genius! Now I no longer need to look at the Y axis. Thank you!

Just wanted to add the following thread because it is related to this and the solution is displaying total value: 


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