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Get the difference of two strings converted to int




WHEN Charindex('-',[@field:BoxNumber],0) >= 1 THEN
(Cast((Right([@field:BoxNumber], (Len([@field:BoxNumber])-Charindex('-', [@field:BoxNumber])))) AS int))
(Cast((Left([@field:BoxNumber], Charindex('-', [@field:BoxNumber])-1)) AS int))
) AS varchar)

I have the above code inserted in [BoxCount] formula datatype field to get the difference of two values from a single field ([BoxNumber]) if it has dash(-) in it else it should be set to one(1). 

Below is an example. For the highlighted row, the result of the formula should be 2 - basically (35142-35141)+1.


When I checked it in the "Verify formula" button, caspio considered it as valid but when I tried saving it, caspio throws the below error.


What am I missing here?

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I also tried to run you formula and its not working properly. I created my own version:

WHEN Charindex('-',[@field:BoxNumber]) > 0
THEN CONVERT(INT,Left([@field:BoxNumber], Charindex('-',[@field:BoxNumber])-1)) - CONVERT(INT,right([@field:BoxNumber], (Len([@field:BoxNumber]) -Charindex('-',[@field:BoxNumber])))) +1
ELSE '1'


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Thank you for looking into this @Wikiwi.

I think my formula is also working and I found out now the real issue. It is not because of the formula but because of the existing data in the BoxNumber field.

I have some data in the BoxNumber field that have string(alphabet) values besides the dash(-) itself.

It will fail since it is impossible to convert.


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