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Appending Table



Hello All,

I am a novice with Caspio Bridge but I am very impressed by the capabilities it gives you to build database driven web forms.

I am sharing all the new things I come up with working with Caspio Bridge so that the community can add if I missed something or if there is a better way to do.

I realized that when you are importing an Excel file and you want to append to the existing file, you make sure that the field title be there in the file you want to import. Otherwise, it will not give you the option to append or replace existing file but only create new file.

Any comments ?

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I'm trying to figure out a way to automatically append data from MS Access into an existing Caspio table.

I would like users to be able to click a button and have this done without having to worry about someone overwriting the table rather than appending to it.

I'd prefer to do this from within my MS Access app, but am willing to write something in VB6 if that's needed for the job.

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Caspio Professional Service department could custom program this feature to automatically append data into a Caspio table, please call the Sales to provide more details and get a quote.

Regarding appending a table, as long as the header row of the CSV file contains the correct field names, the append and replace options are available.


Bahar M.

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