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Put List String Box field 'check sequence' value in text field as comma delimited value (not the string value)

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The fact that List type fields cannot be used in most data-manipulation modules (tasks, formulas, calculated fields, etc) is really limiting. I think if one can get the selected values into a Text255 field that opens up a lot of possibilities: 


However, the solution above doesn't work on a Single Page Update or a Details form (I tried changing 'Insert' to 'Edit' but it didn't help). 

As well, the List type field is very limited--if you use 'String' then only the visible text values are saved. This is different than a List or Dropdown field element (for a Text255 field) on a datapage where you can put a separate 'display' and 'value'.  I need to save a 'value' that's not the display, because for the user the display will make sense but the value is what I need for js functions. 

For example, if a List-String field has column 1, column 2, and column 3 as lookups it will only save those text strings.

A normal Text255 set to List field element on a datapage might show:

display=column 1: value=1

display=column 2:value=2

display=column 3: value=3

and when the user makes a selection it will save 1,2, or 3 without the user seeing those values, they just see the display. 

I need to save to a text255 field the "1,2,3" from a List String Type mulit-select field, in a Single Record Update datapage.

Since the list-string field only has string values I was wondering if it's possible to save the 'sequence' number of the checked selections. Basically, I'd like the user to be able to (multi-select) check off a list of about 20 choices (column 1, column 2, etc) and have it save the selection sequence number to a text field, comma delimited. This is because I need to use those number values in a parameter that will be used in javascript to hide a tabular datapage's columns that the user selects. This has to be done with integers (the column number) and not the label of the column (which the user will see as that will make sense to them). 

I know you can use js in a Text255 field set to List element type:

/* "fieldName" is the variable name for the listbox type form element field. */
   var fieldName = "EditRecordColumn_Hide";

   var x=document.getElementsByName(fieldName);


to multi-select but that's much less clear to the user how that works. It's a LOT easier for the user to see 20 choices, all with check boxes next to them and they just check the ones they want. This post is an attempt to get the best of List-String field type (UI ease and clarity) with the rest of the functionality of a normal text field. Hopefully this makes sense!

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