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How to use a variable in javascript to delete columns for tabular datapages

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This is part of a solution I'm working on to let the user select which columns to hide in a tabular report. In this post I need to figure out how to use a Virtual field's value, as a variable, in the actual 'delete code.' Once I get the whole think worked out I'll post a unified thread with the whole process, as I think it would be helpful for a lot of users. 

The code below is what I'm working with. This is all in the Search form of a tabular datapage and the js is in the footer.

The user multi-selects from a Virtual ListBox (Virtual2) and I need the code below to get that value, use it as a variable and then put that string in the "deleting();" line at the bottom. Normally that line looks something like "deleting(8,7,6,3,2);" but instead of having integers written there I need it to use a variable "v_coldelete" so it can be from user input. 

Something's wrong with how I'm trying to use the variable but I can't figure out what. 


document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function (event) {
   var v_coldelete = document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual2").value;
    const check = document.querySelectorAll('table[data-cb-name="cbTable"] th');
        const deleting = (...args) =>{
               let label, values
               for(let a of args){
                      label = document.querySelector(`table[data-cb-name="cbTable"] th:nth-of-type(${a})`);
                      values = document.querySelectorAll(`table[data-cb-name="cbTable"] td:nth-of-type(${a})`);

                      values.forEach(el => {
        /* In below function call, just put any number of column you want to hide, but in reverse order - from highest number to the lowest */
        /**normally in the line below would look something like deleting (9,8,7,3,2) and would delete those columns. I'm using Virtual2 to get the comma delimited string the user selects in a Virtual List box. I need to put it like in below but it's not working  */


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