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Display a calculated field as a URL?



In Results Pages,  there is an option to render a field as a URL Link — but not if the field is a Calculated Field.

Is there a way to render a Calculated Field as a URL Link?

I tried including the anchor tags <a> and </a> in the calculation but that didn’t work. Caspio showed the anchor tags as part of the result.


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Hello @JohnM,

As far as I know in Release 34.0 this functionality was added. I mean rendering Calculated Field as HTML.

The site with my account has already been updated with Release 34.0 so I can use the formulas like this:

Example 1:





Example 2:





I'm assuming the site your account is on hasn't been updated yet.

Also, it can depend on the formula you use. 

Hope this helps.

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A field called "Following Calculation" has been made.
Columns were then added to the work space.
Select "URL" from the "Actions" drop-down menu after clicking "Work Sheet" in the menu bar.
Choose the field that contains URL links.
The URL is now clickable from the Menu Bar.

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