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Blank map in mashup -- need to pass id in results/details?



OK -- so I'm having issues with the map box being blank in a mashup.

I've set up a search datapage as instructed in the how-to on the Caspio support site. Everything appears to be in order, including the API key.

However, when I'm copying/pasting the code snippets from the support page for the results screen AND the details screen, I notice that the code includes the \"unique\" record ID. Do I need to add that in the field selection screen for the results and details sections of the datapage? Normally, I wouldn't display that to users, but does it need to be there anyway for the map to work?

Right now, my map is blank.



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OK -- I can't provide a link because we have a corporate paid (???) Google Maps API key in the code. But I can at least walk through what I've done, per the instructions on this page:

http://www.caspio.com/support/mashups/m ... ion-v4.asp

[*:3qw61cba]1.1 - I enabled the parameters.

[*:3qw61cba]1.2 - I hid the page in an HTML block at the bottom of the Configure Search Fields section.

[*:3qw61cba]1.3 - I added the HTML block at the bottom of the Configure Search Results section. I also added the ID to the this section -- it wasn't there before. I made sure all the fields from the code we're supposed to copy matched the fields I was using in the search form.

[*:3qw61cba]1.4 - I added the HTML block at the bottom of the Configure Details section, making sure to change all the fields to match my table, as in 1.3. I also managed to add the ID to this section to render -- it also wasn't there before. Not sure if the ID is needed to render in these results and details sections so that the map code can pick it up -- Caspio needs to clarify this.

[*:3qw61cba]2.1 - Copied and pasted the deploy code for the proper datapage.

[*:3qw61cba]2.2.1 - Copied and pasted the Google API key and mashup code below the deploy code, as instructed.

Here's the code I posted, sans the Google API key:

<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"http://bridge.caspio.net/scripts/e1.js \"></script> <script type=\"text/javascript\" language=\"javascript\">try{f_cbload(\"fakepageid\",\"http:\");}catch(li){;}</script> <div id=\"cxkg\">Click <a href=\" http://bridge.caspio.net/dp.asp?AppKey=fakepageid\">here</a> to load this <a href=\" http://caspio.com\">Caspio Bridge DataPage</a>.</div>

<script src=\"http://maps.google.com/maps?file=api&v=2.x&key=fakekey\" type=\"text/javascript\"></script>

<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"http://bridge.caspio.net/scripts/caspio_mashupsv4.js\"></script>

I DID position the

code ABOVE the search page, but it doesn't render at all. Just an empty box. Same with the results and details pages.

What's going on here?



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Well for one I don't think such a license exists for a google maps API key and two even If I were to know what the key was it wouldn't help me in any way as it relates specifically for your domain only :D

So without seeing the code (assuming all instructions were followed) and the code is correct you are absolutely right (you should see a map (at least a blank one without any plots on it)). Sometimes it might happen that there are other issues with html currently on the page you are trying to embed the map. Since I can't see the code to tell you the exact issue the only suggestion I can make is to put the map on its own blank html page and see what happens....if its still blank then we have some coding issues.

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