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Pre-Defined Criteria & Passing Perameters



I understand how to pass perameters I also have used Pre-Defined Criteria

Search forms already but for some reason the form I am trying to create wont work. It keeps reading No Records.

I am passing a automatically generated number from one form(auto number) into a search form. If i used different criteria such as a non auto number such as a text field it works. It seems to be hung up on the fact that I am using an auto number. I need to use this auto number because it is unique. This is the point of this number, or at least part of the point.

Help! anyone... anyone...


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In Web Forms, AutoNumber parameters must be passed in a special way. In the Select Fields screen of DataPage wizard, check On exit, pass AutoNumber ID field as parameter under the left panel to enable AutoNumber parameters. Because AutoNumbers cannot be included in the input fields, you must check this checkbox to pass an AutoNumber. 

AutoNumbers passed from a Web Form have a slightly different syntax than other parameters. You must add “InsertRecord” as a prefix before the fieldname to receive this unique field type

Please refer to this article for more information: https://howto.caspio.com/parameters/passing-parameters/

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