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Default value in some record of table: it's possible ?

Chianti Ecomarathon


Hi all, we are testing your product Caspio Bridge in order to manage the runners subscription for our Chianti Ecomarathon on 19th October 2008, Italy (www.ecomaratonadelchianti.it) .

We have created a table called \"Ecomarathon_2008\" wich will contain the data submitted by subscrittors by the webform published on our website.

We have also insert in this table trhee record that we'll must managed by database administrator (some of us staff) and that will display in a \"search & report\" published on our website the status of a single subscription by a small icons.

These three records are :

\"Status of iscription\"

\"Status of payment\"

\"Send documentation\"

These records are formatted as \"file\" and we'll have as default an icon that we'll be change by database administrator.

For example:

1) a runner subscrive to our ecomarathon and check all fields of our webform

2) data are submitted to the database

3) the status of the trhree records mentioned above we'll be \"ko\" (red icon x) by default

4) when the runner send payment and documentation the trhee records mentioned above will be changed to \"ok\" (green icon y) by the database administrator.

5) the runner can view the new status of his subscription direcly on our website

Sorry for our bad English but we hope you understand how we'll manage these record ......default value on webform submition....changed later by database administrator.

We hope that is possible...but we don't know how... :(

Our best regards. :wink:

Staff Chianti Ecomarathon

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I understand that you have three fields with datatype \"file\" in the table for those three status and you after a runner payment goes through you would like the file update to a new one so when they view their profile they see the update one. This process can not be automated however you can have someone as administrator to check to receive a notification email as soon as apayment goes through or the status somehow change so this admin could update the runners record (a Search and Report DataPage accessed only by admin where those three fields are editable in details page) and change the file of the status for that specific runner.

I hope it could help.

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