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To get the bubble staying up, you had better use Google map so when you click on the icon it will keep the bubble open. For Yahoo map it also should work however sometimes even when you click on the icon itself the bubble does not stay open!

To display a link in the bubble you should modify the HTML block in the results page where you have the code as:


Whatever you put instead of [@field:Description] will appear in the bubble, so for example you could alter that line as:

and a link will appear in the bubble redirecting user to that URL.

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As of September 2013, Yahoo! terminated their free Maps Web Services, and as a result, Yahoo! map mashups are no longer supported. If you are currently using Yahoo! Maps in your existing mashups, Caspio has a FAQ for upgrade instructions: https://howto.caspio.com/faq/map-mashup/why-did-my-yahoo-map-mashup-stop-working/

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Hi @mhowell,

If you want to stay the mark/bubble  then I suggest that you change your bubbleOpenType to "2" in the Map code where you deploy it:
'bubbleOpenType': '2',



And for adding links and image, you can add it in the line of code where the [@field: Description] is located.


I hope this helps :)



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