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Not Typical but Possible



Ok.. i know this is not a typical standard feature of Caspio but I also know it can be done. Here is what I want to do.

I have created a search form for some tasks that I have for particular companies. When I search for those tasks they pop up perfectly. What I would like to add another datapage (form) at the bottom of that search form.

Any tips on how I can do this. I have tried to do it via html by putting two datapages on one page but the problem is they don't sinc. If I input info into that form it does load the page properly. I dont think that is my solution. I think the solution lies in the code itself which I would love a step by step on how to solve this

Thanks all!


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Hi Cris,

I am not sure if I correctly understood you; Do you want to put the search form at the top and the results page at the bottom of the same web page?

If so you need to create two separate DataPages one just for search which would be fake Webform with virtual fields (search fields) passing the values as parameters to the next DataPage which would be a predefined criteria Search and Report DataPage receiving those values from the search form and filter data by those values. After you get all these working you could deploy both DataPages in one webpage.

I hope it would help.

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No... not that, although that might be a solution for something else.

What I am wanting is to display 2 datapates but it looks like one.

A typical datapage would be a search ... then a results page ... then a details page.

What i want is a search... results (with form of a seperate datapage on top/bottom).... and possibly a details page.

does that make sense?

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Hi Cris,

I see now what you are talking about. To have something similar to the support portal you need to have a one to many relational databases.

For example:

Tickets table:

Ticket_ID (unique primary key) Title ...

1 TitleA

2 TitleB


Comments table:

Ticket_ID (foreign key) Comment

1 Comment1 on ticket1

1 Comment2 on ticket1

2 Comment1 on ticket2

2 Comment2 on ticket2


Then you will have a Search/Report linked to the Tickets table and a Search/Report to the Comments table and a Web Form linked to the Comments table and deploy them into a web page. You need to deploy the Comments web form and the Comments Search and report in one page like what we have.

That Tickets search and report will pass the unique ID (Ticket_ID) in the results in an HTML block as a link like ticket details where the URL should be replace with the web address of the page you have deployed the Comments Search/Report and Cooments Web Form.

I think I gave you the instruction as detail as possible. I hope it would help.


Bahar M.

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Ok... we are almost on the same page. The above is great info and honestly I have already figured out how to do that but I am sure someone else would find this valuable.

What I need to do is what you said:

You need to deploy the Comments web form and the Comments Search and report in one page like what we have.

I don't know how to do that. How do you deploy a Form & a Search/Report in one page??

Thanks for your or anyones help on this.

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