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select a single option from a multivalu field using dropdown




Hoping someone could maybe generate some more options for me. I have no money to spend on this project I am doing so getting a solution developed isn't an option.

This is my conversation with the helpdesk and hopefully it details what I am after



Visitor] Hoping someone could help me out

[Visitor] I have a datapage at the following url

[Visitor] http://b2.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=e2b4 ... 5h7d0d1i0i

[Visitor] the towns that the suppliers provide oil in are listed

[Visitor] some suppliers only supply one town eg Armagh on its own

[Visitor] or others supply multiple towns eg Bangor, Comber

[Visitor] or Newtownards, Bangor

[Visitor] how can i get the DP to present so that only single towns are listed

[Caspio Support] I see.

[Visitor] eg list armagh bangor Comber Newtownards

[Caspio Support] You would need to create a separate table just for the purpose of populating those list box

[Visitor] but if they supply multiple areas choosing Bangor will list suppliers who supply bangor in isolation but also as part of their other towns

[Visitor] but i only want users to be able to select towns for which i currently have a price

[Visitor] this current table is being populated by suppliers for which i have received a price update in the last week

[Visitor] i have 100 suppliers listed but maybe only have prices for 10 of them

[Visitor] i don't want users to be able to select towns for which i have no current supplier details

[Visitor] therefore - only list towns for which i currently have an up to date price eg a price in the last week

[Caspio Support] I see. As I understand the requirement, only list town IF there's data in the price field, correct?

[Visitor] thats it

[Visitor] i am currently basing this data on a view which is derived based on prices updated in the last week

[Visitor] if i update a supplier that operates in belfast, then they will be added to this list also

[Caspio Support] This requirement will require custom programming. Perhaps a \"if statement\" Javascript.

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