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As I understand you want to have a column containing sequential numbers and regenerate the numbers each time the results is resorted.

This could be achieved with a Java Script on an HTML block of the results page. So basically you will set a variable to 0 in the header of the results and in the HTML block just increment the variable and write it with document.write JS statement.


Bahar M.

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You can achieve what you are asking for by implementing custom javascript in the Caspio datapage described as follow:

1. In the header section of the result page declare

var count = 0 ;

2. In the body of the dp create a html block contains the follow code:

count = count +1 ;

document.write(count) ;

Hope this helps.


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Excellent! Works exactly as I needed it.

Now.. although it works great lets solve another issue with that numbered list. My results page has 2 pages. I have a total of 38 records that are devided into these 2 pages. The first 25 on the first page and the next 13 on the second page. The first page has a numbered list 1 - 25 and the next page starts over and numbers it 1 - 13.

Is there a way to get that second page to number it 26 - 38?

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