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How do I make a Cascading AutoComplete return more than 10 results?



I have a large table (Foods) that the user will search to add Food items to their Food Diary. The Foods table is already filtered by FoodType (Virtual1)


The Cascade works. As the user types, up to 10 results are returned.

The problem is two-fold: 1) If the user types in the whole word of what they are looking for, it does not appear in the results because it's too far down the list. 2) The list only returns the first 10 results and does not provide the user the ability to locate the food they are looking for.

I need the "Contains" option, as searching on "Starts With" is not helpful to my users.

Can anyone help? Does anyone have a solution?


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I also have a similar issue. Caspio Support told me to submit a request in their ideabox to communicate with their Product team and for others to vote. However, it seems that other users already have an entry. We can submit our votes here:




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This is just wrong.  Shouldn't this be our decision to how many records are returned? We can define how many records are returned on a page. Why not on a control?

On other websites and platforms, this is a standard feature. Why is Caspio putting us at a disadvantage? Why are they treating it like a feature and doing us a favor? 



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