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Let's say I have five tables with corresponding web forms that users fill out on our website. Each user has an ID that passes along to the next form.

When a user returns to log in, I want them to be able to see the status of the five forms and see if they are completed or not with each form.

I started by building a lookup table with a auto id for the forms, then assigning each of the five forms to assign that value to the field when they complete each of the forms.

Next, I was going to build a view that linked all the tables together that showed what each person had done, followed by a search and report style with a link to the proper page, so when they login, they can view what they have completed, etc.

I did not proceed with that because I realized that if they didn't have a record in say table #4, the view would not see anything, therefore not display anything.

Can anyone think of another way to do it- this is one of those things that I am so focused on that there is probably a simple solution too, but I can't figure it out.

Thanks all,


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