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Creating Hyperlinks in GridView



Hello Everyone

I am displaying a table using GridView and all the fields are hyperlinks Except first column.

All are Working fine. when ever i click on the particular hyperlink the corresponding result gets displayed.


Customer Name--|Jhon--|Peter-|Mickel

--- adsdfg----------|---4---|--------|---------

--- Zzvczxvc-------|--------|---7---|--- 5---

--- qwer------------|---5---|--------|--- 5---

Note: The Symbol "-" are put only for alignment.

In the above example Customer name displays Names of all customers,

"Jhon, Peter, Mickel" are sales men.

The Numeric data in the DataGrid shows number of products sold by a particular salesman to a particular customer.

all this hyperlinks are working fine ie whenever i click on particular number it displays all the products sold by a particular salesman to the particular customer.

Now i added one more column "Total" which calculates Row wise sum

as shown below

Customer Name--|Jhon--|Peter-|Mickel|Total

--- adsdfg----------|---4---|--------|---------|---4---

--- Zzvczxvc-------|--------|---7---|--- 5----|--12---

--- qwer------------|---5---|--------|--- 5----|--10--

if i click on the total link i want it should display all the products taken by the customer irrespective of the salesman.

Thanks in Advance

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The view seems to be a tabular view rather than a grid view, by the way you can pass three parameters in the query string of the link to the next DataPage which is a predefined criteria Search/Report with the Sales-person-Id having three criteria and the logical operator "OR" between the criteria, this way the results shows all the records where the Sales-Person-Id is equal to either Jhon, Peter or Mickel which ever is passed in the URL.


Bahar M.

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