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Hiding fields needed to populate other fields using java

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The following javascript works fine, in that it takes an email address ("Email") and copies it to a field ("AckEmail") that is used to populate an acknowledgment email upon the checking of a checkbox ("IssueDeclineEmail") in a record.

However, in order for this to work, the Email record needs to be in edit mode (as does the AckEmail field) making it possible for a user to delete the Email value where it will be lost on an Update of that record.

Is there anyway to have this javascript work while the field "Email" is hidden or not visible to the user, so there is no possibility of messing it up?

Thanks for any help here.


function assignemail() {

if (document.getElementById
("EditRecordIssueDeclineEmail").checked) {
var emailnew=document.getElementById("EditRecordEmail").value;
else {





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Hello Paloo,

You can have the field in a "display only" format so no one is able to edit the email field anymore however you should replace the below line:

var emailnew=document.getElementById("EditRecordEmail").value;


var emailnew=[@field:Email];


Hope that helps,


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One problem with this is that if you use the rules to hide the information, it won't work as a parameter and pass information such as the OP wants it to do. If it is hidden with rules, the values just disappear. The issue is similar using Display Only. If someone is using an element or virtual field JUST to access information and pass it to another field like I am trying to do, you need to use that Virtual Field as a cascading autocomplete, meaning you cannot set it to display only.

I have a virtual field that is configured as a Cascading Autocomplete. I need to keep this on the submission form because it is essential to one of my other fields, however I don't want it visible on the form. If anyone can help, please let me know!

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