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Trigger email with button





I am trying to figure out how I can generate an email to one or many email addresses using a report page and a 'SEND" button

This is what my report would look like.

I'd need  tick boxes to select one, many or all search results and a SEND  button.

Each entry would receive an individual email.


To:  [email]

Subject: Test email

Text: Dear {First], this is a text email confirming your email address is [email] and your last name is [last]

Is there a tutorial available for this. Maybe I am searching for the wrong terms


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Hello @drckarcher,

Since Trigger can be only executed by some actions in the table (Insert/Update/Delete), you may utilize the "Bulk edit" option on the Tabular Report DataPage.


To do so, you need to add a field with the "Yes/No" data type to the table.

For example:



When the "Bulk edit" option is enabled, a new page is added in the DataPage settings. 

In my example I left only the 'Send_email' field there:



The DataPage example:

Please note that the label for the Edit button (point 2 on the screenshot) can be customized under the Localizations:


But this is optional.

The Trigger example:


This Trigger sends individual emails to the updated records. Basically, the condition to send an email is the checking the 'Send_email' checkbox that was not checked. 

This works if you need to send emails once. 

However, if you need to be able to send emails multiple times for the same records, the Trigger should be modified. Please let me know if you need to send email multiple times.

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