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Not able to insert record into Table



I am trying to insert a record in one of the tables using Caspio API endpoint rest/v2/tables/{Table}/records

I am getting below error while inserting record -


    "Message""Cannot perform operation because one or more fields are read-only.",
I am suspecting this is coming due to our unique identifier which is auto-generated by Caspio. It's definition is -
      "Format": "1",
      "Prefix": "OBR",
      "Name": "OB_Record_ID",
      "Unique": true,
      "Description": "Unique identifier for record.",
      "DisplayOrder": 1,
      "Label": "Record ID",
      "UniqueAllowNulls": false,
      "IsFormula": false
How do we provide this kind of field in API request. We tried following options but no luck.
"OB_Record_ID": "OBR1"
"OB_Record_ID": ""
"OB_Record_ID": "*"
"OB_Record_ID": null


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Hello @pjain,

Usually this error occurs when the field with the auto-generated data type is used in the request body.

To solve this just skip the OB_Record_ID field and don`t mention it in the request body. It will be populated automatically. 

For example, there is a table with the following fields:








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Hello @pjain,

It is strange that images are not visible on your side. 

I mentioned the following Table design in my example:

Field name:                     Data type:
OB_Record_ID             Prefixed Autonumber

Status                               Text(255)

Price                                  Number


So, the request body example is:

"Status": "In progress",
"Price": 5

Could you specify the data types of the fields that you use in your request? 

Do you have Formula, Autonumber, Random ID, GUID? 

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