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Passing URL Query string parameters from an outside website


Caspio’s documentation on this is so vague it is of no help whatsoever. They say “Caspio Bridge DataPages can receive query string values from external sources through either POST or GET methods.â€

Unfortunately the whole reason I am using Caspio in the first place is that while I know html quite well, I don’t know scripting or form processing at all - so I have no idea how to do this. Can anyone help?

Here is what I’m trying to do… We are about to launch a marketing campaign that offers a gift card to those who sign up for our program as a result of the campaign. So we need to track the customers who come directly from the campaign webpage vs all others.

To do this I have added a “source†field to my table and set it up to receive a parameter @source. Then in my campaign webpage I appended “?source=campaign†to the URL in the link to the sign up page. I thought this would pass the value “campaign†to the source field for all sign-ups that came directly from that page (presumably all other sign ups would have a blank source field).

But the parameter is not being passed. Any ideas?

Oh, and to complicate things a little, the sign up form is in an iframe on a page in our MOSS website and I don’t know if the iframe is part of the problem.

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Yes I believe the iframe is the problem as it has its own URL and can not receive the parameter from the parent URL. If you deploy the Web Form using embed mode it must work.


Bahar M.

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