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Employee/Training Database Question



I have a question regarding the best way to perform a data filter. I have a database of all of our employees (employee table) a list of trainings they can complete (training table) and a table that joins the two (training completed table). I have been able to build out report pages to show employees and the training they have completed and everything is working well. We have a number of different training that are required of specific populations within our employee group. What I want is a Datapage that someone can filter those that have not completed a specific training. For example take the full list of employees and compare it to those employees that have completed training and return a list of those that have not. I have been able to do this to a point but whenever I log any training for an individual it will not show them for the specific training I am looking for (if they have completed any training it shows them as completing the specific training). This is easy to do in MS Access but not so much here. Does anyone have any advice on how I can make this happen? 

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Hello @smcdonaldwyo, how are you filtering out the trainings that are completed? If you have a checkbox for example that filters it to be completed, you can either have the checkbox in a search fields of the report DataPage, or have a view that has a criteria wherein the checkbox is unchecked and use it in a separate DataPage.

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