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Same autonumber for 2 webforms




I made a first webform where an autonumber is provided, and once this webform is complete, it is linked to another one, but on the table view they show it as 2 different records with 2 different autonumber, how can I do to have only one autonumber for 2 ( or more ) different webforms ?

Thank you for you answer!

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On the first web form, you check the box that says "On exit, pass AutoNumber ID field as parameter" in Web Form Wizard.

Then on the second web form, you can receive the autonumber using [@InsertRecordFIELDNAME].

Note that FIELDNAME is the name of the field which is of type AUTONUMBER in the table.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you so much for your quick answer, in fact, it worked, but i have another issue, which is that for each autonumber (which corresponds to an Event number ), the user should be able to add many subjects, for example :

Event Number 1 :

- mathematics

- biology

- chemistry


And then if i want to fill another event Webform, i want it to show :

Event number 2 :


And If i try with this search and result/details page,as shown in the video, i can only update the last subject i entered, and not add another one.

Hope this is clear, and thank you for you answer

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