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Datapage Responsive settings parameters adjustment

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I have a datapage set to Responsive and it is used in several locations (deployed on several different html pages)--some of those locations are full screen and some are in locations with a  constrained width (700px min-width but up to 1000px or so, depending on where). When deployed in the constrained width locations the datapage reverts to 'tablet' responsive display (568px – 1024px – tablet devices) because those location's widths fall within the 'tablet' setting. 

Is there a way to adjust, in the datapage itself so it doesn't affect all datapages with the same Style, the Responsive range for tablets? Meaning change "568px – 1024px – tablet devices" to "568px – 700px – tablet devices" and  "1025px and above – desktops and laptops" to "701px and above --desktops and laptops"?

This particular datapage is less useful, and looks bad in 'tablet' display (in these particular locations) and doesn't actually need to be responsive between 700px-1000px. I do need to have it be responsive otherwise, to change for small tablets and mobile devices so I think the easiest thing is to change the Responsive 'ranges.' I just don't know how-- 

I imagine it would be some CSS in the datapage header, something along the lines of: 

@media only screen and (min-width:700px ) {

Anyone have an idea how to do this? Many thanks in advance-- 

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