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Concatenate text fields with calculated value - continue even if a field blank



I have a calculated field that concatenates an address and uses the CHAR13 for a hard return, which allows for an address to be print label ready.

Instead of this:  First_name, Last_name, Degree  111 address, city, State zipcode

I get this:

First_name Last_name, Degree
111 address
City, State, Zipcode

Works well EXCEPT that if any of those fields are blank it wont complete the concatenation/calculation.  It wants all or none.  I tried ISNULL but in this context, the formula doesn't validate - I think because I cant get the syntax correct with the LEFT command.

'[@field:First_Name]'+' '+'[@field:Last_Name]'+', '+LEFT([@field:Degrees] ,2)+CHAR(13)+'[@field:Address]'+CHAR(13)+
'[@field:City]'+', '+'[@field:State]'+' '+'[@field:Zipcode]'

As always, many thanks!

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