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Form Development Know How

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I need some assistance. I want to create a form where a user selects a specific item listed in a drop down, and then based on the selection a set of questions (5-6) appear related to that selection. And then the user should be able to enter an answer to each one of the questions listed.

I would also need the backend to keep track of which selection the user made and then how the user answered to each question. Depending on what selection the user makes the questions will be different.

I am not sure I know a way to do this with the basic tool set that Caspio has, can someone please help! I am in the need of urgent help.

Thank you.

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You would want to write customized JavaScript to show different questions based on the selection from the drop-down list. You can then insert this JS in the header/Footer or in an HTML block in your DataPage. You can find sample JavaScripts here http://forums.caspio.com/viewforum.php?f=14 which would help you get started.

Also, Caspio does provide customized JavaScript solutions. In that case, you would want to fill out the Professional Services form found here http://caspio.com/services/services.asp



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