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Time Stamp in the acknowledgemnt email




I have created DataPage - WebForm based on a table which contains a column DateSubmitted. DateSubmitted is a described as 'TimeStamp' and I have done the localisation. I want this datesubmitted to be send in the acknowledgment email.

Field is inserted in the right place and it is showing the right time, but the problem is with the format, it shows in 'mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss' (09/04/2009 15:39:04) format. Is there a way of getting it to show as 'dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss' (04/09/2009 15:39:04).

(Currently, the acknowledgement email is in text format.)

Thanks in advance.


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Yes. I checked lacalisation and I even changed it couple of times to see whether it changes the format in the email, but no luck.

And it is a WebForm so I tried [@InsertRecordFieldName*] , but it didn't help.

I am going to try write some script in the form and see how it goes.

Thanks again for trying :-)


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Ok, I tried doing this in my account and was able to format the date as dd/MM/yy HH:mm:ss in my acknowledgment email. This is what I have configured.

1. DateSubmitted field which is of TimeStamp on my WebForm

2. In localization I have dd/MM/yy HH:mm:ss for Short Date. Attaching the screen shot where you can see this.

3. In my acknowledgment email body I have [@InsertRecordDateSubmitted*] and my email format is also plain text. Screen shot is also attached.

Hope you get it to work as well.



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That worked.

I had to put [@EditRecordDateSubmitted*] instead of [@InsertRecordDateSubmitted*] in the acknowledgemnt email.

Becos timestamp was not working well before , what I had done was make it a hidden field and wrote a script and [@EditRecordDateSubmitted*] worked well in it. So I thought I will try that on acknow. email and that worked.

Thank you so much.

(I have a new question, you may be able to help me with that as well :-). Look at active subj:Automatic log out from the form when browser closed.)

Thanks again


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