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Problems with Opening Details DataPages in a Lightbox




I have implemented the Opening Details DataPages in a Lightbox per the instructions provided in Caspio Online Help (HERE) and it is working like a charm; though only under normal or basic operations. I have noticed the following two problems:

  • When the details page provides the user with input fields and the user causes an error (e.g., a required field is left blank), the error message flashes for a second and the lightbox (modal) closes automatically (disappears) without giving the user a chance to correct his or her error. In addition, once the lightbox closes or disappears automatically, the originating datapage where the modal's trigger button is located remains grayed out and unusable (frozen). The only way out is to refresh the page which is clearly an unacceptable user experience.
  • When a user opens the modal using a button on the originating page (Results DataPage) and ends up closing the modal using the 'X' on the top right, the modal does close properly. But, the originating button cannot be used a second time (nothing happens when clicked) if the user wants to re-open the modal. The only way is to refresh the page which is clearly not an ideal user experience.

I would appreciate it if anyone knows of a solution for the above two problems in case you have experienced the same problems and/or have found a way to deal with them.

Thank you in advance...

Edited as follows:

Hello @MayMusic and @Meekeee, I have read some of your comments/responses in other posts regarding Caspio's suggested approach to using Lightbox for Details Datapages. Based on my reading your other comments it appears you are quite familiar with the use of lightbox/popup and I am hoping you can help me with a solution to the two bugs described above. I have it working fine, except for these two issues. I would appreciate any help or input you can provide. Thank you in advance for your time.

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@Lynda, thanks very much for your response. When you have a minute, can you please let me know (in high-level, general terms) which direction you went as an alternate to using this problematic Modal method recommended by Caspio. Just a general idea will be great and I don't want to take too much of your time with details. Thanks again.

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