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date validation




Would anyone be kind enough to write a sample code to check/compare different dates in javascript for Caspio. Goal is to be able to compare two dates.

Here is the pseudocode...

Get date from date field

Get todays date from newDate() object

If date field < newDate()

Display screen saying "date cannot be less than todays date"

or what I would really like is display it next to the field in red color text


date is true


the other thing is i want to be able to call this function after the user moves focus away from the box.

i am a great fan of caspio and it has done an excellent job for me so far. i hope these lose ends are doable!

great job caspio team!

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Your Logic for the comparison is correct.

In order to get the date from the Form there are 2 scenarios:-

1) In a Results Page for a Search & Report Page


2) In the Web form i.e. Capture Form


var myDate=[@InsertRecordDate];

var today = new Date();

if (today


alert("Today is before MyDate ");




alert("Today is after MyDate");


This JavaScript was taken from http://www.w3schools.com/JS/js_obj_date.asp. We would recommend you to refer this website for JavaScript related queries

Hope this helps..


Gautam S


Gautam S

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