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Reset List - String Field After Update



I have a multiselect dropdown List - String field in my table/page. My users will open a details page of a record, check various values in this dropdown, and click Update.

I am trying to find a way to reset that List - String field to empty or nothing right after the update.

Pretty much, I need to record these results to use in a triggered action and then reset the field for the next time it is used. It seems near impossible to get this field back to blank, since you can't manipulate List fields with Triggers or Tasks or anything. I also don't think I can use JS because I need to record the result for the trigger for a moment before resetting it, and a double refresh of the page seems a bit too unprofessional for our users (Update with value, set field to blank, update again). 

Anyone have any ideas how to make this work as seamless as possible?

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Not sure if this would work, and I might be too late - but could the user entry field be a virtual list field - it can always be empty then on load, and the actual field "hidden" and on load set to blank and exit read the virtual field, or use a calc value to select the new value of virtual field

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