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CONTAINS or wildcard queries in API fetch



Hi there, 

For a custom search form, i need to make a caspio API fetch with a criterion query like :   

q.where=Full_Name CONTAINS 'foo' 

or something with a wildcard like

q.where=Full_Name='*foo*'  or  


I've tried them all but this doesn't seem to work

Any help would be appreciated ! 


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Hello @Viroun,

Please use LIKE operator https://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_like.asp

It works with wildcards in case you need to search for some pattern.

For example: Full_Name LIKE '%Doe%'


This is the request URL example for the method used in the screenshot above:


As for the CONTAINS predicate, it is used for a different purpose. CONTAINS SQL checks to see if one string is a substring of another string. For Microsoft SQL Server and similar systems, CONTAINS lets you do full-text term pattern-matching queries on your tables.

And it is not supported on Caspio Tables, since the Table must be full-text indexed to use it.

I hope that you just need to search for a specific pattern, so the LIKE operator should help. 

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