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Can someone recommend a method or tool to use that will help me debug JS scripts?

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I am at a loss debugging a script and have spent two days trying many (many combinations). I need a tool to help me see whats going on. Ca someone tell me what they use to debug their scripts. I need to see the content of my variables and selectors, as well as assignments.

At this point, I trust nothing.

Thank you in advance,


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Funny enough, I've been using ChatGPT A LOT for debugging and finding mistakes in my code. It's really good at finding tiny mistakes, things that don't make sense logic wise, and better, more compact code that accomplishes the same task as what I developed. I use this almost every day now.

If you want something more traditional, I'd use Visual Studio Code and look up some videos on how to use their debugging tool. It's got a lot of features that could potentially help.

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