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Filter Tabular Report Records by More Than 1 ID



I have a workflow that is similar to an eCommerce site, where the user will add items to their shopping cart and place an order.

This question involves two tables - Shopping_Cart_Table and Suggested_Items_Table. The Cart table will hold items that the user has in their Shopping Cart. Suggested Items table will have combinations of all frequently bought items.

I am trying to create a tabular report that I can put on the 'My Cart' page that will suggest additional items that are frequently bought with the item in the user's cart. 

The problem I am having is passing the ID's of the items in the User's Cart to this new Suggestions tabular report. The user might have 1 item or 20 items in their cart (in the Shopping_Cart_Table). How would I pass the IDs of each of these items to the new 'Suggestions' tabular report, so that I could display suggested items for all items in the cart? It seems I can only pass one ID using the 'Filter data based on pre-defined criteria' option, thus only letting me show suggested items for 1 item in the Cart, instead of showing suggestions for all items in the user's Cart. 

Any ideas?

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Are you passing parameters via query string to the new datapage so you have [@id1] through to [@id20]? 

If so, filtering where you compare each of [@id]s to the id value and then add an "or" rule in the filtering conditions might work.

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