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Brainstorming: approach for a self-help "Start Here" type troubleshooting app



Looking to build a basic self-help Start Here type trouble shooting steps app for a small range of common topics.  Like a knowledgebase I guesss but more interactive in scope, funneling people thur some help steps. Basic flow:

Dropdown:  Please choose what you are having issues with -
- Topic 1
- Topic 2
- Topic 3

With  a new menu popping up for each Topic:
- Topic 1
      ---> Is the wifi button on --> Yes/No ---> heres how to try and fix it --> did it work --> yes/NO --> send a report to  us
-Topic 2
      ---> Is the probe there --> yes/No ---> try this secondary location ---> yes/no --Out of stock? Send a report to us
-Topic 3
     ---> Here is how to restart the machine --> Did it work? yes/No
     ---> Link to some web material

This seems like a conditional logic multi-step form, with rules hiding sections based answers chosen at each step, and HTML sections with any content/images/instructions.  

lnterestringly, there would be no atual data collecton.

Anyone build something like this,or have some good ideas, leassons learned, etc?  :D

Thansk all!





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If there's no data submission, do you already have the knowledge table? The table structure needs to have a link between the parent-child options.

With what you've presented, this doesn't necessarily require a multi-page form. The workflow can be accomplished using a set of cascading drop downs where the parent is linked to child options.  You can use as many parent-child responses as the question types require. You can hide the options whilst the parent field is blank, and only show when the user has selected something from the preceding dropdown.  

The other thing you could consider is entering your question into chatgpt - this has helped me enormously. In the youtube below, Ned shows how you can use ChatGPT to get sample code, find errors, as well as get basic database structure. 

Best of luck on your app 


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