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Does anyone know how to change the width of a details page? I am inserting a parameter for a field into an HTML BLOCK on the datapage. The width goes to the full width of the page and I cannot figure out how to change that in the styles menu. I changed the results page just fine, but I cannot figure out the details page.



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I found the answer to my question from a previous post from Bahar M...

"In regards to your second question, you can set a fixed width in styles:

Edit the style, enable Advanced options so CSS tab displays in the settings screen,

Forms/Details >> Layout

In the class called .cbFormTable add the following line:

width: 400px;"

That did not fix my problem, so I added it under:


so it looks like this:



/*HTML Block Container Cell*/

width: 400px;

text-align: left;

vertical-align: top;

padding: 0px 20px 0px 20px;


Just thought I would post it in case others have this question....

Take Care!


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